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Hjemmeside SCALGO

Join our international and highly qualified team, and help us further develop the essential analyses and data that power our users to build better, more liveable urban environments and restore our natural environment.

About our product

SCALGO Live is a web-based tool that gives easy access to massive data sets, such as detailed nation-wide digital terrain models and surface water analyses. Users can interactively explore the relationship between terrain and surface water, and plan flood mitigation measures by shaping the data.

SCALGO Live includes high-resolution digital terrain models from more than 11 countries and consists of trillions of elevation measurements.

A backend with state-of-the-art geometric analysis algorithms enables extremely fast interactions and always up-to-date analysis. SCALGO Live is used by more than 20.000 professionals in municipalities, water utilities and consulting engineering companies across Europe.

SCALGO Live is developed by an international team of world-class algorithms experts and developers, and we’d love to have you on our team.

About the role

Keeping SCALGO Live up to date is essential, so we regularly refresh the data for each of the countries for which our platform is currently active. This involves retrieving and organizing very large raster-based elevation models as well as various vector data. We then process this data using our highly tuned and custom-developed algorithms to create the hydrological models on which our users rely. To run those models, we create large compute jobs consisting of 100+ individual commands and potentially running on multiple servers using our comprehensive compute infrastructure that encompasses petabytes of total storage.

The process of updating and refreshing the analyses for a country is largely automated using a Python framework that inserts commands into our command scheduling framework that takes care of scheduling and running the actual commands on the appropriate hardware.

You will be responsible for writing and maintaining the scripts that update our input data and subsequently run our national models. When new features, data or hardware is introduced, you will be responsible for updating the scripts in collaboration with the developers that have made the changes upstream in our technology stack.

You will also be responsible for running the national computations, including monitoring that everything is running as expected and our hardware resources are being used efficiently. To that effect, you will be part of our infrastructure team that has the overall responsibility for our computing platform.

Additionally, as part of the infrastructure team an important part of your job will be to assist in the system administration of our Linux-based computation platform, including OS maintenance as well as monitoring and deployment of the services that make up the whole system.

About you

You might have a background in system administration with experience using Python or similar services for larger projects. Alternatively, you might be a talented developer with a passion for working with system administration, massive data sets and powerful hardware. You will need to have an interest in learning about geospatial data.

Our technology stack is Linux-based and we use Python for all our scripting. Experience with either is a benefit. Due to the massive amount of data involved, our entire core compute pipeline is developed by us, therefore we do not require experience in a particular GIS environment, but some GIS experience is a plus. If you are not familiar with GIS and geospatial data, do not despair, we will help you get started.


SCALGO was founded to bring cutting-edge massive terrain data-processing technology to the market, and we work in close collaboration with our users to constantly improve the SCALGO Live platform. SCALGO currently has an international team of 21 employees covering 9 nationalities at offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Seoul. You will be a part of the development team, located in our headquarter in Aarhus, Denmark.

Application and contact

If this proposition excites you, then please send your resume to Thomas Mølhave at thomas@scalgo.com, feel free to call at +4528764493 if you have questions. We continuously review applications, so don’t hesitate to send us yours.