13:00 - 14:00

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IRLOGI Webinar: IRLOGI will be holding its February webinar on 14 February starting at 13:00 Irish time. 

Dr Jaiteh will focus on what are key development challenges for Africa, what are constraints and opportunities related to meeting these challenges, and what are some practical steps which can be taken in meeting these challenges within the broadly defined geospatial field at the national, subnational and local levels.  He will also provide some examples of how GI and GI technologies have shown real benefits in meeting some of the challenges and what role the global GI community can play to be of practical assistance.

Dr Jaiteh is founder and Principal Consultant at Geospatial Data Solutions which specializes in the application of geospatial technologies, specifically remote sensing, GIS, and global positioning systems (GPS) in population and environment studies.  For seventeen years up to October 2017 Dr Jaiteh was at Columbia University’s Centre for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN). He was a geospatial data expert responsible for integrating land related data from satellites with socioeconomic data to support environmental conservation, policy and decision making.

Dr Jaiteh is currently based in The Gambia where he is applying his geospatial expertise to support Gambian and wider African development.

If you wish to join us for what will be a most interesting and insightful webinar please click on the link set out below.