14:00 - 16:30

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Geograma (Spain) are hosting a workshop on behalf of Eurogi to introduce satellite-based applications in the disaster and climate domain.

The event will take place on November 4 on the Microsoft Teams platform where the below four related projects will be introduced. After the presentations we will split the audience into four breakout rooms, each participant will chose which one to get into. We expect this will generate enriching discussions and possibly start long term relationships between the presenters and the attendants.

Despite we are targeting Spanish objectives, we believe it could be interesting if some European bodies could take part in the workshop.

Register here: https://www.geograma.com/workshop-satellite-based-application

Related projects

  1. https://e-shape.eu/index.php/showcases/pilot7-5-seasonal-preparedness
  2. https://e-shape.eu/index.php/showcases/pilot-5-6-eo-based-phytoplankton-biomass-for-wfd-reporting
  3. https://e-shape.eu/index.php/showcases/pilot-5-7-rheticus-aquacultureplus
  4. https://e-shape.eu/index.php/showcases/pilot5-3-dive-diver-information-on-visibility-in-europe