26/08/2019 - 30/08/2019    
9:00 - 17:00


Københavns Universitet
Rolighedsvej 23, Frederiksberg, 1958

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PhD Course: Geodesign Technologies

The PhD course will address Geodesign Technologies as means of recording, representing, translating, and communicating the Real World in urban and landscape planning/design processes.

The course goes beyond classic methods based on physical models made from cardboard or clay and well-established digital techniques framed by 2D GIS and 3D CAD.

Accordingly, the aim of the course is to embrace, demonstrate and discuss new, emerging technologies vs perceptions in the real World on one hand, and digital vs physical representations of the same on the other.

– Drones and Point Clouds
– Digital Sandboxes: Tangible vs landscapes. Digital and physical representations of the terrain.
– Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR and MR)
– Perception, aesthetics and creativity in relation to Geodesign Technologies in planning/design processes

More details: https://ign.ku.dk/english/geodesign-technologies/
Enrollment form: https://phdcourses.ku.dk/DetailKursus.aspx?id=106096&sitepath=NAT