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A Nordic webinar on the metaverse in relation to geodata is to be held on November 22nd 2023.

Due to different time zones the webinar starts in Iceland at 1:00 PM (GMT), in Sweden, Denmark and Norway at 2:00 PM (GMT+1), and in Finland at 3:00 PM (GMT+2).

GI Norden arranges the free webinar with speakers from three Nordic countries.

Hear more about new knowledge about urban innovations and smart cities from the Nordic countries and how best to apply them. An occasion to explore next generation strategies for discovering and understanding the new technology that will drive society forward. Listen to new urban innovation and smart cities for future urban models. It is already revolutionizing both society and business. Good examples of the smart and sustainable society of the future.

Metaverse for citizen dialogue and co-creative processes – How can virtual meetings strengthen citizen dialogue?

Metaverse is a virtual reality where digital technology makes it possible to experience things that today require physical presence. It can be used to show and tell about complex structures and to create an overview and understanding of the abstract.


02.00 (GMT+1): Welcome to the GI Norden webinar. Miika Kostamo, GeoForum Finland

02.05: Geospatial data as the foundation of our mixed reality future. Damon Hernandes, Mixx Reality, Finland
The geospatial industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of the mixed reality metaverse by providing accurate and dynamic spatial data that enables seamless integration of virtual and physical environments. Through precise mapping, geospatial technologies contribute to the creation of immersive mixed reality experiences, bridging the digital and physical worlds and enhancing the spatial intelligence necessary for the metaverse’s spatial understanding. This presentation will illustrate how this foundation is being laid and highlight current and future examples of our ‘mixed’ reality.

02.30: Metaverse for citizen dialogue and co-creative processes. Tomas Bendz, Around the corner, and Daniela Sandell, SWECO, Sweden
The consulting company Around the corner has collaborated with Sweco in a project that explored how a virtual citizen dialogue and co-creation process could work. The goal of the project is to improve conversations and meetings between citizens, municipal representatives, and planners regarding plans in community building. Share experiences and lessons learned from the project and learn more about how metaverse can create opportunities for better dialogue and understanding.

02.55: How to facilitate dialogue rather than information in the planning process. Astrid Hvattum, Geodata AS, Norway
Dialogue and collaboration are key in any efficient process. So why do we plan by .pdf? We will show examples of what’s possible when using existing technologies and data at its full potential – and of course examples on how we can involve our youth in city development. “The city will never be smarter than its inhabitants.”

03.20: Discussion

03.30: Webinar ends

Host and moderator of the webinar
Host and moderator of the webinar: Miika Kostamo, GeoForum Finland
Q&A manager of the webinar: Sofi Almqvist, Geoforum Sweden

All members of one of the Nordic geofora (GeoForum Finland, Geoforum Sverige, GeoForum Norge, LISA Iceland, or Geoforum Danmark) will be granted access for free upon registration. For this webinar the board of GI Norden has decided also to grant a free access for non-members upon registration.

The webinar takes place in the Livehouse (a Danish webinar platform). A link for sign-up and subsequent participation will be sent to registered participants in the morning at the day of the webinar.

Please do your registration below (In Danish: ‘Tilmeldinger’).


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  • Benjamin
  • Unni Grebstad
  • Hans Hansen
  • Monika
  • Mahnaz Narooie
  • Mikael Stern
  • Bruce McCormack
  • Benedicte Hedvig Anderson
  • Ståle Fosli
  • Svante Guterstam
  • Alex Dahl
  • Jannatul Ferdos
  • Lisa Sjöö Samuelsson
  • Mariana Maisterrena
  • Lotte Van der Jeugt
  • Maria Alsterskär
  • Rosa
  • Jani Kylmäaho
  • Ann-Sofie Silverskär
  • Roger Wessbergh
  • Fredrik Johnsson
  • Heidi Lenadotter
  • Sven-Ola Svensson
  • Pontus Jakobsson
  • Maria Hildigsson
  • Liselotte Andersson
  • Jere Rajalin
  • Sima Mohtashami
  • Patrik André
  • Jonny Halvarsson
  • Bodil Sundberg
  • Daniel Thorell
  • Harald Klein
  • Timo Murberger
  • Lars Harrie
  • Bengt Lindell
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  • Johan Birgersson
  • Pär Jonsson
  • Johan Flodkvist
  • Gunnel Lundell
  • Annelie Sköld
  • Kevin Engberg
  • Maria
  • Ann-Kristin Kristensson
  • Mikael Stern
  • Monne Naesenius
  • Matti Pesu
  • Ylva Bodén
  • Tobias Rydén
  • Björn Cederström
  • Jan-Olof Cavanna
  • Ann-Louise Ekestubbe
  • Janne Margrethe Karlsson
  • Marie Malmquist
  • Johan Ander
  • Erik Linn
  • Emil Wahlberg
  • Sini Pöytäniemi
  • Linda Georgsdóttir
  • Mariana Maisterrena
  • Helene M. Johansen
  • Jarmo Lehtonen
  • Ólafía Svansdóttir
  • Rafal Zygula
  • María Thors
  • Marcus Ashbourne Widberg
  • Hans Hansen
  • Eva Diðriksdóttir
  • Mark
  • Knut Fredrik Sæther
  • Pål Ulvenes
  • Aron Ingi Sverrisson
  • Tore Jensen