30/01/2024 - 06/02/2024    

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This short course teaches you everything needed to master the basics of symbology and labeling in QGIS.

You begin by learning the basics of point, line, polygon and raster symbology. After this introduction, learn to create Graduated renderings based on a numeric attribute and Categorical renderings of your data. Along the way, learn to use and interpret data histograms, use different classification modes and quickly make changes to symbols via master symbol settings.

You will then be introduced to Symbol Layer Types and learn to create more complex symbols with stacked symbol layers. For example, you will learn to create nice highway symbols with a dashed line down the center.

You will also learn basic labeling and how to use labeling expressions and settings.

The course concludes with use of the Symbol Manager to save, import/export and manage your styles.

If you want to master basic symbology in QGIS, this course is for you.

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