1:00 - 5:00


Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Aarhus University
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, Aarhus C, 8000

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Pre-conference Workshop 1:  Deep Learning for Remote Sensing

Presenters: Sylvain Lobry & Diego Marcos, Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing , Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

Ahmed Samy Nassar, IRISA , University of Southern Brittany, France & EcoVision Lab, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

This is one of the two parallel workshops to be organised before the Nordic Remote Sensing Conference 2019 (NoRSC’19). In this workshop, the presenters will review both the theoretical and practical notions of deep learning, with the objective of allowing the participants to incorporate this tool into their own research. Presenters will live-program during the workshop. Basic knowledge of Python, MATLAB or R would be helpful. Please visit our conference website for more information, and for registration.