Data Ethics talk


Data ethics talk


There are endless opinions about the relationship between the data we collect as a society and how they should be used – and by whom.

We’re bringing together the statistician, the practitioner, and the lawyer to talk about the choices made when balancing data ethics and the need for analysis in both business, government and science.

The customs of utilizing data differ across the Nordic countries and so does the legislation. How can we best put data to use in a data ethical way and how will the new EU legislation affect the possibilities of using data?

We’ve asked the leading data ethics debater in Denmark, Pernille Tranberg, to moderate a talk between Erik Sommer, Statistics Denmark, Martin Glarvig, Geomatic, and Frank Bøggild, Kromann Reumert.


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Data Ethics talk
Pernille Tranberg, Erik Sommer, Martin Glarvig, and Frank Bøggild
Data Ethics Consulting, Statistics Denmark, Geomatic, and Kromann Reumert