Using demography in regional spatial planning in Stockholm




Stockholm County Council has been practicing regional spatial planning for more than 60 years according to the Swedish Planning and Building Act (2010:900) and the Swedish Act (1987:147) on Regional Planning for Municipalities in Stockholm County. At the moment we are working on a new Regional Development Plan for the Stockholm Region including an outline map and guidelines on the regional priorities between various interests.

In the work producing the outline map, several analyses has been made including vital demographic aspects such as the projected population in 2060 and where they are expected to live and work. Other types of demographic data are also analysed and visualized using GIS in the coming plan, as well as in our everyday work. Focus in our analysis can be, amongst others, the expected need of housing, labour market matching and access to public transportation.


Regional spatial planners, municipal spatial planners.

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Stockholm County Council is the regional planning body according to Chapter 7 of the Swedish Planning and Building Act (2010:900), and the Swedish Act (1987:147) on Regional Planning for Municipalities in Stockholm County. For more than 60 years regional planning has been carried out in the Stockholm region, amongst other things the County Council has developed several regional spatial plans for the Stockholm region. An important part of the regional plans is the outline map providing guidance on the use of land and water areas as well as guidelines for the location of new development. The outline map shows regional priorities between various interests in order to reach the regional as well as the national Environmental Objectives and our own vision of being the most attractive metropolitan region in Europe.

Actors such as the municipalities, the County Administrative Board, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Land and Environment Court use the outline map in numerous ways to ensure a sustainable development in the Stockholm region. Apart from the outline map the Stockholm County Council continuously provides planning documents for several themes such as the archipelago, regional green structure, land use guidelines, public transport and the potential lack of space and capacity, housing and labour market changes.

For every planning document a lot of time is spent on advanced GIS-analysis such as Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) and our own developed Implemented Planning Model (IPM). The IPM is used to calculate where the future development should be located in order to achieve efficient land use, reduce the climate footprint, increase the benefits and create a liveable environment for the people living in, working in and visiting the Stockholm region. Demographic aspects are vital when conducting these analyses as the population is what we are planning for. Expertise in demography, including demographic data in our analyses and visualizing demographic data is for us the key to sustainable regional planning.

At the moment we are working on the new regional plan for the Stockholm region (RUFS2050). We are in close collaboration with the other counties in East Middle Sweden when conducting our planning for the coming decades. Together we have worked on projecting the population, the number of people in employment and characteristics such as education, income and in which industry the population is expected to work in, in each county and municipality to 2060.

GIS is used on a daily basis to visualize the demographic data in various ways. By combing different data on a map it increases our knowledge and helps us make well-balanced decisions in our strategic planning. We produce several types of maps and geo data, some used to increase our own knowledge, some that are a part of the outline map or in other ways included in the RUFS2050 or other planning documents, and also more graphic maps showing bigger structures.

Using demography in regional spatial planning in Stockholm
Matilda Rehn
Growth- and regional planning administration, Stockholm County Council